Gabe Sibley is an assistant professor in Computer Science at the George Washington University, and director of the Autonomous Robotics & Perception Lab. Before joining GW he was a Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford, and a post-doctoral research assistant in the Mobile Robotics Group of the Oxford University Engineering Department working with Prof. Paul Newman. Gabe was a PhD student at the Robotic Embedded Systems Laboratory at the University of Southern California, under the supervision of Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme, and a Robotics Engineer in the Computer Vision Group at NASA-JPL under Dr. Larry Matthies. At NASA-JPL, Gabe worked on long-range data-fusion algorithms for planetary landing vehicles, unmanned sea vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles.

His core interest is in probabilistic perception algorithms and estimation theory that enable long-term autonomous operation of mobile robotic systems, particularly in unknown environments. He has extensive experience with vision based, real-time localization and mapping systems, and is interested in fundamental understanding of sufficient statistics that can be used to represent the state of the world. His research uses real-time, embodied robot systems equipped with a variety of sensors -- including lasers, cameras, inertial sensors, etc. -- to advance and validate algorithms and knowledge representations that are useful for enabling long-term autonomous operation.

Email: gsibley(a)
Tel: (+1) 202 510 5040 (mobile)
Tel: (+1) 202 994 2254 (office)

George Washington University
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