Minimalist Bio

I am an assistant professor in Computer Science at George Washington University. I completed my Ph. D. at the University of Southern California under Maja Mataric.


I run the Positronics Lab (Planning Optimization and Simulation for Robotics) at GWU. Please see my lab web page for publications, students, facilities, and joining my research group.


My research focus lies primarily in dynamic robotic simulation of manipulator, humanoid, and legged robots. I argue that fast, robust simulation is necessary to truly integrate robots into human centered environments (both by speeding the edit-compile-test cycle for manual programming and for developing models used for robot learning).

My long term interests lie in autonomous robots as enabling tools for society by promoting independence for elderly and disabled individuals and by performing or assisting in tasks, like child and pet care, for which money cannot ensure that the task is performed to desired standards.

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